The Pine 64 is a 64 bit small computer capable of running linux, or Android. We are going to see in this tutorial based on the excellent work of Simon Eisenmann ‘longsleep’ how to install ubuntu mate.

Writing SD card

Follow this link, and download long sleep’s Ubuntu image (xenial-pine64-bspkernel-20160507-1.img.xz) and the README.txt file for instructions.

Put your SD card in the computer, open terminal and type

$ diskutil list

Note the id of your card. ex: /dev/disk2 for the following commands replace diskN with the id of your card.

Now write the following command to unmount the SD card

$ diskutil unmountDisk /dev/diskN

We can now burn the SD card: Enter

$ xzcat xenial-pine64-bspkernel.xz | sudo dd of=/dev/rdiskN bs=1m

Remeber to replace /dev/sdN with wherever your SD card is. Check twice, if you have the wrong device you might overwrite your harddisk !

The process can take few minutes. Not more than 10.

When it’s done, the boot partition of SD card should mount automatically. If not just write

$ diskutil eject /dev/diskN

unplug and plug the card back.

Settings for low resolution (720p) TV

Open the boot partition and open uEnv.txt Write at the end on a new line:


Now let’s boot !

I suggest you boot headless for the moment, it means without any screen. Just plug an ethernet cable from your

It will automatically boot. Log in as user ubuntu with password ubuntu and use sudo to get root.

Resize the root partition:

$ sudo /usr/local/sbin/

Install the editor of your choice. I recommend nano as it’s easy to manipulate.

$ sudo apt-get install nano

Mate install Setup

Now that we have a fully functional Ubuntu Pine, we want to have a beautiful GUI.

  • Installation of Ubuntu Mate :

$ sudo apt-get install ubuntu-mate-core ubuntu-mate-desktop
$ reboot